Does Krill Oil Beat Fish Oil?


For those who find Omega-3 supplementation helpful to eye comfort and health it is  attractive to take the least amount possible.  The Krill oil manufacturers have sponsored research to try to convince that their tiny pills are the equivalent of fish oil omega 3.  It appears they are. 
However, what they never tell you is that the dose of omega-3 (EPA + DHA) in each capsule of Krill Oil is typically a small fraction of that found in a good fish oil capsule. 

As an example, per capsule:

Mega Red
(EPA+DHA) = 74mg

Nordic Naturals Ultimate
EPA+DHA) = 550mg

Our research has shown that the minimal dose of Omega-3 which will influence ocular comfort is 1200mg per day.  This would be two to three of a medical grade, tryglyceride omega-3 supplement such as Nordic Naturals or 16 Mega Red capsules.  At a cost per day, Krill Oil is not affordable for treatment. 
One alternative to capsules is found in Barlean’s Organic Ultra High Potency Omega Swirl now available at Northwest Vision.   This is not an oil.  It is a tasty fruit-flavored milkshake-like swirl which is technically an emulsion.  This allows it to be digested more easily, in fewer steps than a fish oil without burps found in poorly manufactured fish oil such as those in the ester form.  Advantage?  Easier to digest, more omega-3 absorbed, and tasty too.  One tablespoon delivers more than 3 of the fish oil capsules in our example. 
Ultimately how much you need and what form is an individual decision guided by our exam of your exact eye condition and symptoms.  We will also guide you on dose and omega-3 form.

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