2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse


With all the news coverage surrounding the upcoming eclipse, our staff is starting to get excited!
​We are going to follow the story and hopefully get some pictures as well from our Bellevue location. 

What is the eclipse expected to show?
The bright face of the sun is covered gradually by the moon during a partial eclipse, lasting a few hours. During the brief period of a total eclipse when the moon fully covers the sun (only a couple of minutes), the light of day gives way to a deep twilight sky. The sun’s outer atmosphere (called the solar corona) gradually appears, glowing like a halo around the moon in front of it.
​Bright stars and planets become more visible in the sky.

​Watching a solar eclipse is a memorable experience, but looking directly at the sun can seriously damage your eyes. Staring at the sun for even a short time without wearing the right eye protection can damage your retina permanently. It can even cause blindness, called solar retinopathy.
There is only one safe way to look directly at the sun, whether during an eclipse or not: through special-purpose solar filters. These solar filters are used in “eclipse glasses” or in hand-held solar viewers.
​They must meet a very specific worldwide standard known as ISO 12312-2.

Remember: ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, or
homemade filters are not safe for looking at the sun

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