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Is iT Allergies, or Something More Serious?

  ​One of the most common causes for irritation of the eye leading to puffiness of the eye lids are allergies. Allergies are usually seasonal, spring or fall, and are due to environmental factors like pollens, dust, or mold.  It is also common to experience a runny nose and/or “scratchy” throat. These symptoms can be […]

sunglasses just don’t cut it for the eclipse.

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​There is no total solar eclipse at the north pole or south poleA total eclipse can happen anywhere on earth.  The last solar eclipse from the north pole was March 2015. The last south pole eclipse was November 2003.   Food prepared during an eclipse will be poisoned by the radiationFood poisoning from solar eclipse radiation […]

Eclipse FAQ and Fallacies

​​OK-So you get that we want you to be safe during the eclipse, but what is this eclipse thing really all about? Here are some of our favorite facts and fallacies about eclipse. The remarkable and dramatic cosmic event of an eclipse has happened throughout the history of mankind. During this historical span, our scientific […]

Wildfires causing Eye Irritation?

Several of our staff returned to work this morning with sore throats and dry irritated eyes from the continuing air quality issues here in the Northwest. While the forecast shows that the haze should be clearing in the next couple of days, what can you do right now to help soothe your eyes? ​Over the […]

2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse

  With all the news coverage surrounding the upcoming eclipse, our staff is starting to get excited!​We are going to follow the story and hopefully get some pictures as well from our Bellevue location. ​ What is the eclipse expected to show?The bright face of the sun is covered gradually by the moon during a partial […]

​Myopic Progression and Reading Position

It is not better to sit up straight to read.  Long term research in Finland has demonstrated a difference in ultimate degree of nearsightedness depending upon childrens’ preferred reading position up to age 20. Mean nearsighted presciption at baseline was highest in those who sat to read, as was prescription progression for all follow-up visits. ​Nearsightedness […]

Does Krill Oil Beat Fish Oil?

  For those who find Omega-3 supplementation helpful to eye comfort and health it is  attractive to take the least amount possible.  The Krill oil manufacturers have sponsored research to try to convince that their tiny pills are the equivalent of fish oil omega 3.  It appears they are. However, what they never tell you is […]

Decrease Migraines and More with Specialized Glasses

  Specialized prescription glasses have been found to be helpful in patients with migraine headaches, blepharospasm (eyelid spasms), light triggered seizures, CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and other light-sensitive/triggered conditions. ​​The wavelength filtered by FL-41 was first described in a research project that took place in Birmingham, England in the early 90’s.  In this study, children with […]

Music to Ears, for Eyes: Music Helps Eye Surgery Patients

  ​Recent research confirms Dr. Gilbert’s long belief in the importance of relaxing music before and during eye surgery.  A recent study shows relaxing music played just before eye surgery leads to patients feeling less anxiety and requiring less sedation.Awake eye surgery can be stressful for some patients. Music has long been known to reduce […]

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