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World Diabetes Day! Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes? What does it mean for your eyes? You are not alone! Diabetes is very common and can have serious consequences for your eyes. The elevated sugars in your blood can lead to damage of the small blood vessels and nerves in the eye and, […]

New Check In Process Available!

We are super excited to announce that we now have a new check in process in our Bellevue Campus! We have 2 kiosks to assist with check in-they will securely scan your identification and insurance card and allow you to make any demographic changes needed. These stations help us maintain your personal information accurately, while […]

Changes Ahead!

Our Kirkland location will be undergoing a quick remodel in the coming days! We will be closing the office October 26th and reopening with expanded services on November 26th. All services and all providers will be available in our Bellevue office during the closure, including optical. Stay posted for progress pictures of our remodel! Bellevue […]

Dry Eye or Something More?

If you are experiencing serious eye pain that has continued despite treatment for dry eye, maybe it is time to start looking at something different. While discomfort, even pain, from dry eye can be a common problem, there are other conditions that can cause chronic eye pain. If you are not seeing resolution to your […]

Noticing the symptoms of cataracts??

Our most recent post about cataract surgery got us wondering….Do you know the symptoms of cataracts? Blurry vision Double vision Sensitivity to light Difficulty with night vision Requiring more light o read Seeing colors as muted or faded If you would like to see a video about cataracts, visit our media center!

Still thinking about cataracts surgery? It worked for the Queen!

Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures in both the UK and US and has a very good success rate. Not sure if you have cataracts? Make an appointment to find out! Know that you have cataracts and are worried about the procedure? Please call us with any questions or concerns. Just remember, […]

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