Contact Lenses

It is important to understand that a contact lens fitting and evaluation is not part of a comprehensive eye exam. Additional tests and measurements are required to ensure both safety and comfort. If you wear or want to wear contact lenses, it is required that you have a separate contact lens evaluation.

Frequency of contact lens fittings:

An evaluation is required every 24 months or more frequently as recommended by the doctor, even if you are not having problems with your current contacts.

If patient wishes to change to a different contact lens brand after the contact lens exam is completed, a new fitting will be required.

By Washington State Law, the evaluation must be done within 6 months of the full eye exam.

Fees for contact lens fitting:

$ 45-85 Soft contact lenses
$ 105 New contact lens wearers
$ 45-150 Rigid gas permeable lenses
$ 150-390 Specialty contact lenses including those for keratoconus, corneal scarring, severe dry eye or other custom lenses

Listed prices include 2 follow up appointments if needed. If additional fitting appointments are required, they will be charged as $35/visit. Fitting/evaluations are non-refundable. Fitting/evaluation fees do not include the cost of lenses.

Your vision plan may or may not include contact lens services coverage. Coverage is separate from the coverage for your comprehensive exam. We attempt to obtain benefit information before your appointment, but coverage is determined by your carrier and cannot be guaranteed. All non-covered services are due at time of service. Please ask to speak with a billing representative for more information about your benefits.

Contacts lens follow-up:

If needed, the first follow-up should be within 30 days of contact lens dispense.
Contact lenses need to be worn into follow up appointments.

It is possible for a separate medical eye condition to arise during the contact lens fitting period. If the doctor deems this to be the case, we will bill your medical insurance for any necessary exams and testing.

You have 4 weeks to pick up contacts after notification. After this time period, they will be returned to the manufacturer and you will be responsible for a restocking fee of $8/box.

Any returns or exchanges need to be competed within 90 days of purchase date. Returns/exchanges can only be considered on unopened boxes.

You will not be given an updated or renewed contact lens prescription without a contact lens evaluation.

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